The new Coco Jane Home and Spa range is inspired by Olwethu Leshabane’s love of family

When award-winning media entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Art of Superwoman Olwethu Leshabane created Coco Jane Home and Spa, she was guided by her deep love for her family. The name Coco Jane is a tribute to her late maternal grandmother, who valued self care and creating a loving and welcoming home for all. The formula in each product is led by the need to do no harm and be safe for the entire family, including children and pregnant women; and the range speaks to Leshabane’s approach to life – balancing being a mother to three boys, entrepreneur and doing it all with self-love.

The Coco Jane Home and Spa range celebrates some of Leshabane’s favourite items – bath oil, body butter, candles and room diffusers. All the products are non-irritable, not tested on animals and are free from hormone disruptors (chemicals that interfere with or disrupt the endocrine system). “Creating products that don’t have hormone-disrupting chemicals is very important to me,” says Leshabane. “I’m a mom and I know that small kids are into everything, often eating things they shouldn’t. I need to know that what is on my dresser or next to my bath is safe for everyone.”

Each product is specially designed to create a luxurious sensory experience when used, with the aim of really making your beauty routine more about self-care than just a must-do. “Being a working mom is certainly not easy,” says Leshabane. “Juggling work, parenting pressures and life in general is a stressful part of adulting. A lot of things are bound to fall through the cracks, but there are certainly a few key secrets to finding the balance between the things that matter. For me, lighting a candle and enjoying a soak in the bath is a simple way to unwind and treat ‘me’.”

Relax, reset, restore

The Coco Jane Home and Spa products can be used by everyone and have been tested for safety on sensitive skin. Ultimately, the intention is to perform and please – the formulae meet a variety of skincare needs, while the fragrance and innovative textures deliver something extra.

The inaugural range and fragrance is inspired by her grandmother’s kitchen. The smell of butternut, drizzled with honey and cinnamon.

The Luxury Soy Candle is crafted with pure soy wax (hydrogenated soybean oil) and coconut oil and contains fragrance oils. The candles come in vanilla (suitable for pregnant women) and cinnamon and are available in different sizes with two wick options, cotton and wooden. Tip: The melted wax can be used for massage application.

The oil-to-milk Bath Oil is enriched with soothing macadamia nut oil, sweet almond oil (rich in vitamin A and E, omega-3 fatty acids and zinc) and antioxidant-rich sweet orange oil, and contains a host of anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties thanks to grapeseed oil, cinnamon oil and clove oil. The formula is especially good in winter, helping to alleviate irritation and dryness. Tip: If the oil is applied to wet skin, it turns into a lotion which can be rubbed in for more moisture.

The nourishing Shea Body Butter contains super hydrating coconut oil, in addition to other anti-inflammatory oils, to help your skin retain moisture and relieve chronic dryness. It’s suitable for eczema-prone skin. 

Super home spa day tip: rub some of the butter on your feet and wrap your feet with cling wrap for a few hours for the softest foot spa experience right at home! 

Embrace the soothing of this Wooden Top Cinnamon and Vanilla diffuser. This luxury set is an easy, environmentally friendly, effective and safe way to diffuse ongoing fragrance throughout your home and space.

Included is the Bottle containing the oil and wooden stick that is inserted into the bottle. 

Your diffuser is ready to use in a few simple steps: 

  1. Unscrew the wooden block/lid
  2. Remove protection plug
  3. Insert Stick to the underside of the wooden block
  4. Turn the diffuser every 24 hours

Coco Jane Home and Spa will officially launch on 23 June 2023 in Cape Town and at South Africa’s first ever Décor and Design Week to be held in Johannesburg from 31 July – 6 August 2023. The products are available to order on Art of Superwoman: www.artofsuperwoman.com

About Olwethu Leshabane:

Olwethu Leshabane is a mom, doula, women empowerment and maternal health advocate, television personality, blogger, style enthusiast and digital media entrepreneur. Through her platform The Art of Superwoman she explores and celebrates the journey of modern womanhood: artofsuperwoman.com